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Evaluation and Monitoring

Dash Bord

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Leadership 101

Posted 6/15/2019

101.5.2 Leadership Nuggets: “THE EFFECTIVE MANAGER – Situational Leadership Model Level S1?” This is the lowest task level. I will use the Annual Budget Revue Cycle in an organisation for illustration. The Financial Director/Manager (FD/M) needs to assess the level of competence of each of the participating managers. The manager that knows nothing in terms of budgeting or the budgeting process is a classified as a S1. The FD/M needs apply the TELLING Style which implies informing the manager of WHY, HOW, and WHEN he needs to do WHAT and keep on constantly monitor the progress. Next week the S2 or SELLING Style. Should you want to know more schedule a 30-minute free chat, on FB, so, to avoid employee frustration in your organisation.